“The Neo Naturists are a performance art group founded in 1981 by Christine Binnie, Jennifer Binnie and Wilma Johnson. The group emerged from a subculture – connected with but not limited to the New Romantic club scene – which developed in London against a backdrop of intense economic, political and social change. In the aftermath of punk , and at the advent of the rise of Thatcherism, a vigorous creative energy developed in the UK which sat outside of mainstream culture, creating its own network of agents, economies, activities and events.” Studio Voltaire 2016

The most intense period of activity for the Neo Naturists was during the early to mid 1980s where  Christine and Jennifer Binnie and Wilma Johnson were at the heart of the group’s activities. The Neo Naturists performed regularly in nightclubs and galleries and received varied reactions to their work.

The group continue to work together occasionally and in 2016 had a ‘Live’ retrospective at Studio Voltaire in Clapham which included films, photographs and archive material associated with the group. There was an evening of live art at the ICA as part of the show.